The daily use is the main responsible for jewelery pieces suffer a wear, so that a good conservation is the guarantee so that they remain perfect.

01. Conservation: To avoid jewelery being scratched, we recommend keeping them in their original case without coming into contact with other jewels.

02. Cleaning: Clean your gold and silver jewelry with neutral soap, a soft brush and warm water. After a rinse with plenty of water and a thorough drying, the piece is as good as new. Gold and silver can rust in contact with air. This reaction can be accentuated by the action of the Ph of the skin. As a result, the gold adopts a reddish tone and the silver a yellowish tone blackened.

To clean your jewelry, you can take them to our store or easily clean them yourself with a non-abrasive cloth.

03. Diamonds and gems: Shocks on hard surfaces and extreme temperature changes should be avoided. The diamond is the hardest gem, but at the same time it is fragile; unlike other gems, it does not scratch, but it can break. Bracelets and rings with diamonds or other gems should be treated with special care as they are subject to daily and continuous use. The gems can present characteristics that make them unique and unrepeatable. The small variations and inclusions, tiny traces of other minerals, that they present make them exclusive.

04. Abrasions: Any noble metal is attacked by mercury permanently, so we must avoid the slightest contact. Jewels with crystal gems and / or enamel are especially sensitive to chemicals. Cultured pearls and corals deserve special attention. They are of organic origin and can be attacked by cosmetics, lacquers and perfumes or colognes. To clean them, a damp cotton cloth and a drop of neutral soap are the most appropriate.

05. White gold: 750/000 white gold is an alloy of fine gold, palladium and other metals. Its real color is gray so it is necessary to give it a rhodium finish to achieve the characteristic white color. This rhodium finish that is applied to white gold wears away with use and rubbing. We recommend that you take the piece periodically to our shop so that we can apply its rhodium finish again. With this, your white gold jewelry will always be as good as new.

06. Avoid water: It is not advisable to wet jewels with intertwined filaments, leather or skin. Likewise, we do not recommend either bathing or showering with them or cleaning them with water or soap. It is convenient to submit them to a professional cleaning.

07. Tuning: It is advisable to periodically check the setting of gems with jewels, especially rings and bracelets, as well as the threading of cultured pearl necklaces or gems. In Pia Barcelona we have a special maintenance service to keep your jewelry always in the best conditions.

08. Do not try to manipulate your jewelry: Jewelry should never be forced, twisted, closed or squeezed. If you want to make any adjustment or modification, always look for experts who will perform it effectively and with extreme care.

09. Replacement of natural stones: Sometimes, due to use, the stones can be detached. Not in all cases can be replaced by one of identical characteristics because it is unique, irregular and organic pieces. In Pia Barcelona we will look for the most similar stone possible and we will carve it to measure so that it fits in your jewel. The cost of the gem and the replacement will always be borne by the customer.