“Welcome to the beauty of imperfection”

Pia’s creations are characterized by very organic and irregular textures,
inspired by nature, sacred ethnic jewelry,
the Wabi-Sabi Japanese aesthetics
and by Catalan and French Art Noveau.

They are unique pieces made with love for curious people
who seek exclusive and custom designs and
who are welcome to participate in the creative process.

Buda ~ awakened mind, free from ignorance, embodiment of compassion and wisdom.
OM ~ so sagrat de l’univers. sacred sound of the universe. Vibrates throughout all existence bringing inner peace and harmony.
Lotus ~ embodies infinite potential. Symbolizes renewal, transformation and new beginnings.
Sun ~ symbolizes the principle of selfhood. Promotes vitality, personal power and leadership. Yang - male.
Moon ~ a symbol of the goddess. Protects and nourishes individuals along the path of growth and realization. Ying - feminine.
Hamsa ~ protection against negative energies. Sacred gesture symbolizing receipt of blessings from the universe.
Tree of life ~ stands for deep grounding and faith. Represents the union between heaven and earth.
Star of David ~ symbol of deep faith. Universe and earth. Inspires courage and hope.
Infinity ~ 8 horizontal, symbol of natures mechanical laws of evolution and involution. Symbol of patience, reflection, justice and righteousness. Healer.
Buddhist endless knot ~ symbol of infinite wisdom and infinite compassion of the Buddha, impermanence and interdependence of all phenomena.
Flower of life ~ ancient symbol of wisdom; sacred geometric figure. It has the ability to demonstrate how all things come from a source and are intimate and permanently woven together.
Sri Yantra ~ most important mandala of the Hindu tradition. It symbolizes creation through the union of the masculine and feminine aspects.

How to energetically clean and program your stones

To receive the properties of minerals and stones, it is important to clean their energy.

One of the best ways is placing them in contact with the ground, e.g., in a pot, and leaving them out in the open, day and night, for 3 to 9 days during crescent or full moon.

The sun, the moon, the rain, and the wind will clean and load them. They can also be washed with salt or running water, dipped in the sea or in saltwater.

Whatever you do, it is important to keep the intention of washing away all the negativity and of recharging the stone.

Some crystals have the power to cleanse other crystals. Thus, you can keep your stone in a bag with pebbles. A cluster of clear quartz or amethyst can also cleanse a small stone if we leave it on top of the cluster during the night.

To program your stone, hold it close to your heart with your left hand and make a wish or a set an intention. Try to be as specific as possible and let it be virtuous, for your own good and that of all beings.

Stones and properties

Agate Provides self-confidence. Strengthens the heart, relieves nervous cramps, good for the digestive and circulatory system.

Amazonite Calms the mind and nervous system. Boosts creativity, joy and enthusiasm.

Àmber Eliminates tension. Purifies the entire body. Unlocks the respiratory system, physical pain, depression. Brings good luck and prosperity. Calms down teething children.

Amethyst Calms the nervous system and depressions. Spiritual connection, meditation, and intuition.

Apatite Inspires, motivates and connects with past lives. Raises Kundalini, communication and meditation. Good for bones, calcium, and joints.

Aquamarine Calming, relieves sore throats. Helps to take decisions, clairvoyance. Sailors’ amulet.

Aventurine (Green Quartz) Frees from anxieties and fears. Brings emotional tranquility and regeneration, health and welfare trust.

Carnelian Connects to the ground. Gives a practical view of life. Movement, vitality, and creativity.

Chalcedony Increases physical energy and communication. Protects the neck. Promotes maternal spirit.

Chrysoprase Energizes the heart and stimulates creativity. Security and confidence in life. Relieves stress and digestive problems. Meditation.

Citrine Concentration and motivation to open new stages. Abundance and prosperity. Digestion and elimination of toxins.

Coral Stimulates sexuality. Circulation, red blood cells, anemia, strengthens the spine, good for bone calcifications. Protects from emotional projections.

Diamond Strength and purity. Attracts partner’s love as well as abundance. Mental clarity, enlightenment. Cleanses the aura.

Emerald Brings unconditional love. Physical, emotional and mental balance. Inspiration and wisdom. Detoxification and regeneration.

Fluorite Helps to awaken the intuitive mind, brings peace and serenity. Good for teeth, arthritis, brain disorders, neurosis.

Garnet Stimulates creativity, power, courage, lucidity, and the sex hormones. Useful for anemia and circulation.

Hematite Increases stamina, gives strength, purifies the blood, helps lose weight, good for circulation, bleeding, and inflammation.

Iolite Inside knowledge. It promotes spiritual transformation and encourages enjoying every moment.

Jade Protection, prosperity, modesty. Stimulates memory, good for kidney diseases, liver, spleen, thyroid and nervous system.

Jasper Emanates vital force, facilitates the absorption of energy, neutralizes threats. Diseases of the bladder, kidney, gallbladder, liver, epilepsy.

Kianite Meditation. Aligns all chakras, calms the mind, protects from negativity.

Labradorite Mystical protective stone, relieves stress, rheumatism, balances hormones, brain, and eye discomfort.

Lapis Lazuli Self-esteem, balance, peace of mind and wisdom. Facilitates communication. Symbol of friendship. Relieves migraine, depression, sore throat, bone, thyroid, immune system, detoxifier.

Malachite Mental balance, decisions. Reduces anxiety, tension, stress, mental illness and negativity. Detoxifies and relieves pain.

Moonstone Women’s stone, regulates the endocrine system. Fertility. Relaxing, excellent for meditation.

Obsidian Depressions, connects the mind and emotions, absorbs and dissipates negative energy, helps to relieve aches, pains and intestinal infections.

Onyx Relieves melancholy and fatigue. Promotes life force, movement. Inspires confidence. Detoxifies.

Opal Stimulating, antidepressant. Useful for sterility and pent-up energy.

Peridot Stone of relations. Brings openness and acceptance to love and to all relationships.

Pearl Power and ability to make sacrifices. Active energies of magnetism and lower chakras, helps in the circulation of fluids.

Pyrite Strengthens the will and the emotional body. Improves digestion, circulation, and strength and oxygenates the blood.

Quartz The power stone. Harmonizes and aligns consciousness and emotions. Energizes and protects.

Smoky Quartz Ultrasonic frequency, unblocks localized points of excess energy and eliminates toxins.

Rose Quartz The love crystal. Purifies and opens the heart. It brings harmony and inner peace and self-esteem. Attracts true love.

Rutilated Quartz Powerful healer, vitalizes, inspires, regenerates body tissues, immune system and relieves depression.

Quartz with tourmaline Balances male-female polarities. Helps to balance extremes, links to the land and is very protective.

Rhodochrosite Helps with emotional trauma, nervous imbalance, identity, purifies the blood, the circulatory and respiratory system, kidney, pancreas, and relieves drowsiness.

Ruby Stone of passion, love of life and courage, motivation and new goals. Excellent for cleansing the blood and improving circulation.

Sapphire Aligns body-mind-spirit. Stimulates psychic abilities, creative expression, develops wisdom, dispels confusion, activates the pituitary and helps the entire glandular system.

Sodalite Soothes and purifies the mind, awakens intelligence. Balances the emotions, metabolism and hypersensuality, lymphatic system and soothes.

Tanzanite Inner peace, calms anxiety and stress. Relieves concerns or problems. Protects the neck, bronchial affections.

Topaz Encourages communication, logic. Reduces stress, compulsive emotions, nervous hunger and the formation of early wrinkles. Calms the nervous system, regenerates tissues and strengthens the heart.

Tourmaline Transforms energies, brings happiness, peace, harmony, health, and protection. Rejuvenates. High vibration.

Black Tourmaline Protective stone, repels negative energy, in depressions or acute neurosis. Restrains diseases.

Pink Tourmaline Develops self-esteem, generates joy and zest for life, soothes the emotions and raises creative power.

Green Tourmailine Attracts abundance and prosperity, rejuvenates, it stimulates communication and has high healing power.

Turquoise Creativity, communication, adventure. Anti-inflammatory, detoxifying. Respiratory system and eating disorders.

Cat’s eye Deepens reflection, concentration and balances the endocrine system.

Tiger’s eye SegSelf-confidence, inner freedom, connection to the deeper areas of nature. Cysts and rheumatism.