Amethyst: calms the nervous system and depressions. Spiritual connection, meditation, and intuition.

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  • 120,00€

    Original ring, with strength for daring and adventurous women. Silver ring with natural stone amethyst. Size 14 ES Amethyst is a powerful quartz that helps calm the nervous system and helps connect with intuition by stimulating clairvoyance. Original ring, with strength for...

  • 190,00€

    Amethyst pendant chaim. Natural stone without setting, perforated, so the light hits the stone to the maximum and highlights all its natural beauty. It allows to insert directly the silver or gold plated silver chain.  Amethyst quartz helps to detoxify the body of dependencies and addictions, calms the mind, stimulates the memory and helps in case of... Amethyst pendant chaim. Natural stone...

  • 195,00€

    Unique design necklace with natural semiprecious stones and antique silver medal with representation of Indian deities. Boho chic style made in the atelier of Barcelona. They are unique natural stone jewellery: rose quartz, chalcedony, moonstone... Contact us to find out which stones are available at the moment. Unique design necklace with natural...

Showing 31 - 33 of 33 items